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Access Ministries at Northland strives to create a welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our facilities in Longwood offer ...

A large parking area designated in front of the worship center for those who have special needs. 

A signed worship service for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing, Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. at Longwood and LIVE online!

Sound amplification aids are free and available at the Welcome Center for use during any worship service.

Printed lyrics for the visually impaired are also available.

Designated seating areas throughout the sanctuary, if needed, for people with wheelchairs, walkers or other special needs.

A special needs/cry room located at the back left side of the sanctuary. This room is equipped with comfortable seating and a large-screen monitor to watch and hear the service. The room is useful not only for moms and babies or small children, but also for children who may find the service to be too much stimulation, who are prone to seizures, who have autism, and other special needs children. To support this, there are two family restrooms nearby.

Individuals and families with disabilities will find community and support at  ...

Buddy Break, a FREE respite program designed to give caregivers of kids with special needs a break from their ongoing care-giving responsibilities.

Children's Ministry, teaching children who God is and that He created them with a plan and a purpose. A variety of accommodations are available to ensure that children with disabilities and special needs are able to learn and succeed in the classroom.

Fellowship opportunities and support groups.

FaithAbility, a monthly (third Friday of every month) Bible study and connection group for adults with intellectual disabilities and their family and friends.

Questions? Want to volunteer? Email Heather Subbert or call 407-937-1828.

Access Ministries at Northland

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